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I Thought I Had a Nice Apartment Until I Finally Moved into an Exceptional One in Minnesota

When I lived back east I remember people in the building I lived in going nuts clamoring for a better apartment when they heard someone was moving out. No one seemed to be happy with what they had. Granted, some of the apartments were better than others, but none of them were bad. Top floor corner apartments were in demand. I guess people thought they were quieter. I don’t know. I liked being in the middle. I could turn down my heat in the winter and still be warm! You can click here to see the place I live in now that I moved back to Minnesota. Compared to my other apartments, this place is amazing.

I never had quartz countertops in any apartment before, and this is the first time I have had new stainless steel appliances. This is my first apartment with a pool, and not just an ordinary pool. I have access to both an outdoor heated and indoor swimming pool. Add to that the indoor and outdoor spa tubs, and this is a place fit for a king. My apartment has comfortable rooms with really big walk-in closets. I do not have to go far to do laundry either. There are 24 laundry rooms on the grounds with front-loading washers and dryers.

There are nearby walking trails, and the fitness center has a 10-station weight training circuit. There is a sauna and two tennis courts too. I like to exercise and play tennis, so this place is perfect for me. My favorite outdoor space on the grounds is the waterfall and koi pond and the turtle habitat. I really enjoy natural areas quite a bit. My apartment has a private patio too. There is nothing about this place that I do not like. I can even get to my car in the winter without putting on a coat as it is parked in an underground heated garage.

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