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Moving Closer to Their Father

I will never say that it is easy raising a child on my own, but I still feel very blessed to be able to do this. My ex and I are still on friendly enough terms, but he is not as hands on with our two daughters as I would like him to be. That […]

The 4 Minute Workout – Tabata Intervals


The following is a guest post by my buddy, Andreas Rasmusson. Why is it hard to get in shape? Why is it even harder to stay in shape? Well, if you’re a family man like me your day begins with getting the kids ready for kindergarten and yourself ready for work. Exercise is pretty much […]

Loyal Customers – It Works Body Wraps NZ

Body Wraps

A picture of a sexy female body being wrapped around with foil to reduce fat over white background Save up to 50% for life on IT Works products without becoming a distributor and get the Body Wraps and Skincare at an amazing price. The 2nd most asked question we get asked is about the It […]